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There is a saying, “A teacher teaches best what he must learn.”

This makes me think of myself. I’m so good at imparting information about high vibrations, how to get there, how to act in alignment with love and all these wonderful concepts awakening and evolution.

Yet, still I find myself falling short of them. March of 2009, my awakening began and as each year passes by, I see that I still have so much to learn. Ideally, in a high vibrational state my day would start with this statement.

This is the day that the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it.

Psalm 118:24

What a sweet vibration to align myself with. And it’s pretty amazing when I get the days I intend to. Sometimes, my intentions escape me. I wake up and go straight into negative thoughts or pick up where I left off from the night before. It truly is work to rewire the brain.

Cheers to all the days that I wake up in a mindset of gratitude, high vibration, positive thoughts and expecting great things.

I am still learning, still practicing … some days I’m proud of myself and some days it feels like I fall short of everything I believe in.

The intention, however, is to Nourish Me Sweetly. If I start there, I can expand that into the world and beyond. If I start there, I can keep renewing and reigniting the high vibration I want to be in alignment with.

I’d be doing the things I love to do which are many… draw, paint, design & write. I’d take in a sunset as often as I can from anywhere I can, any time I can.

Nourish Me Sweetly is about a movement into a better state of mind, practicing mindfulness and staying connected to that breath I know comes from the divine.

Care to join me?

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