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Hi, here's a little bit more about my mission, just in case you didn't scroll down to the end yet. 🙂 I wake up and ask myself: what kind of day do you want to have? Some answers that find me: Happy. Joyful. Thankful. Alive. Filled with Purpose. Full of Life. Love Focused. What a sweet vibration to align myself with. And it’s pretty amazing when I get the days I intend to. Sometimes, my intentions escape me. Cheers to all the days they find me sweetly. Still learning. Still practicing but the intention is always to Nourish Me Sweetly and to do the things I love to do which are many... draw, paint, design & write. Take in a sunset as often as I can from anywhere I can, any time I can. Nourish Me Sweetly is about a movement into a better state of mind, practicing mindfulness and staying connected to that breath I know comes from the divine. Care to join me?