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Netflix and Chill

I called you
I got voicemail
More than once I tried
Already knew what you’d say though
“Sorry boo, my battery died.”

I was hoping to talk to you
I’m always hoping for that
Just wanted to catch a vibe
Shoot the breeze, no real questions
But your battery died

Like it did that time
When I didn’t hear back
Countless hours had gone by
Really wanted to see you
But your battery died

And then again two nights ago
5 hours later I got a text back
Yep I was right
You would have gotten back to me
But your battery died

You thought I was sleeping
Nah, I was up and out
Doin the chill minus Netflix with that other guy
Telling him “All is well – we good.
His battery died.”
-Jeannie Shaw

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