How to Speed up videos in Lumify App for iPhone

Since I got really into Yoga this year, I decided I wanted to document my journey. This would include photos and videos and all kinds of fancy sayings that promote wellness, goodness and loving life. I searched and found this app called Lumify for iPhone.

Best video app in my experience.

Best video app in my experience.

To the best of my knowledge, it only works on iOS platforms. I absolutely love it. It’s not just that it visually engages me as an artist but it is so user friendly and fast. It has some neat lil transitions and adding music is easy. It allows for addition of several scenes and then seamlessly melting them into one boiling vision of perfection. There are options to slow down your video, speed it up, keep the original audio or have it subdued in the background. When adding your music, it is possible to have more than one song play in your video for different scenes and at any sound level you so desire.

You can select how fast you want your video to go or even create slow motion.

You can select how fast you want your video to go or even create slow motion.

The filters are great as well as special features such as slow motion, zoom etc.

The only issues I had with this app is that it can only speed up a video 2x. Sometimes it would not be enough if I wanted to create a certain feel for my video of if I wanted to complete a full Sun Salutation in a 15 second segment for Instagram videos, especially when doing Astanga Yoga. I saw another app called Viva Video online and it could speed up a video 4x so I resorted to using that when needed.

However, I have learned the trick to making Lumify videos go as fast as I want them to go:

1. Record and insert your video and set speed up to 2x.
(Do not add music yet or it will also speed up the music in the next step, unless of course that’s what you are going for)

2. Save your video to your phone.

3. Reopen that same video in Lumify and set speed up to 4x.

4. Add music if desired.

The thing is you can probably keep saving that video time after time making it ridiculously fast. I believe somewhere in me lies a director longing to come to fully alive 🙂

I am so appreciative of the makers of Lumify – not only does it work like a gem but it’s visually appealing. I have made use of Lumify mostly making Instagram Videos but it can do so much more. I’ve used it to assist my son with Homework videos specifically. Also, I have made some neat  Birthday Greeting videos and Memorial videos, honoring people who have passed on for friends and family.

Oh, to continuously seek and find all that can NourishMeSweetly is complete and thorough bliss. Lumify, you certainly do NourishMeSweetly.

Thank You.



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