Welcome! This is my online portal to share my gift of creativity that may prove useful to your needs one day, whether it be design (graphic or web), photography or adding one of my paintings to your collection. It's also a place to share my thoughts on life, products, travel and any other thing I feel compelled to release into the universe through the magnificent power of words. 

Life has been a healing journey of self discovery. It comes with it many ups and downs that have lead me to evolution and revelation - a constant state of metamorphosis. 

These days, I find myself with a deep desire to unravel all my layers. In recent years, one of things that struck me most profoundly was how people in our lives can affect us, either positively or negatively. It's been quite amazing to be able to determine the difference and most importantly, to be able to do something about it - to make a different choice. Sometimes it means to show more appreciation, to be kinder... sometimes it means to let go, to move on... to be OK.

It brought me to a place of wanting to engage with people, places and things that made me feel ALIVE! It continues to take effort, especially when one is expected to #PracticeWhatYouPreach. I keep on keeping on, knowing that growth will always find me and I'm not yet where I want to be but I'm definitely certainly not where I used to be.

I am fascinated by the human experience, be it that of my own or someone else's. Everyone has a unique and amazing story, one way or another.

This is my space to share mine.

Blogs + Poetry

Change in the world always begins with an individual who shares what he or she has learned and passes it on to others.
Dalai Lama