Goodwill is one of the places I learned to shop in the last couple years. I’ve gotten everything from linen to cushions to clothing, scarfs, throws and knick knacks for our home. I’ve also traversed a few Thrift shops and Deseret Industries (similar type of store), especially in Salt Lake City, Utah where the bargains were sometimes unbelievable. I’ve bought TVs for $15 that worked perfectly well and even bought a switch box for $5. Save the Day! We have TVs!!! Anything to save a few dollars, especially if the product works for what it is intended. As time passed on, one thing I learned not to try to save on or minimize in any way is my Nails & Toes. Wherever I am, I am seeking the best nail shop near me. In this case it would be the best nail shop in Culver City.

It is simply not worth it. One of the few things that lifts my spirits and always makes me feel girly and pretty even if my clothes are tattered and torn and weathered and worn (LOL OK maybe not… that would not be cute! Nice nails and a mess of an OOTD)

I digress. Nails and Toes. I don’t skim there. I don’t mind ditching a design idea and painting all one solid color to save my pocket but the actual fs acrylic nails fill is ESSENTIAL, CRUCIAL, and CRITICAL.

When I first moved to California I tried at least 6 nail shops.  I even gave one a review that I wish I could take back.

I Googled and Yelped and asked around and with each optimistic try, I felt disappointed and let down. The nails would chip or the paint would not stay or the shape would resemble that of a crooked hill and a loopy slope. The customer service would be mediocre or the products would be lame. It would never end. I would always end up on another search for Nails & Toes.


One day finally I saw the name Tony’s Nail and Spa on Yelp with great reviews. Location was not too far. Not too close but not too far. And, I was on a mission to find “My Nail Place”. I finally made an appointment. It was like one of those sweet meets. You meet someone and instant click and you just KNOW that guy is for you. OK this has happened a few times and never worked out YET – LOL – maybe we should not use this example. But you get the point. I knew it was THE place for me to do my nails.

My first set was actually done by Tony. He is perfect for fills. And I write this with great fear that one day my Blog will blow up as big as Oprah and I will never be able to get another appointment! Sigh! The plight to share or not. 🙂


There’s a secret about doing fills and not everyone knows it. I wish I did so I can save some mulah! O! but I forgot about the pampering… OK Back to Tony. Tony does. Tony knows the secret. It’s always long lasting and strong. The shape is always exactly how I like and the time in which he completes is superb. He can multitask without missing a beat… answering the phones, taking appointments, managing, accepting payments and your nails will be just as if it were all he poured his undivided attention into. I like my nails wide and square. I like the top to have a certain curve to it. Tony never disappoints. I have taken quite a few designs I’ve found online and they always match it or together we find a way to make it better. It is not a one man show. Tony’s Nail & Spa is filled with a few other technicians and anyone there can do my toes… If I absolutely can’t have an appointment with Tony, I will take what I can get but I almost always try to plan ahead and secure an appointment with him and each time I’ve made an appointment I’ve been attended to according to that appointed time. If you can, give them a try and if you can, get an appointment with Tony. It has been my nail spot for the last 8 months and I am happy. I finally found “My Nail Place” in Southern California. Tony always hits the nail on the head and I’m always feeling superbly girly and pretty (and I try to have a cute OOTD to match) when I leave Tony’s Nail & Spa. (3915 Sepulveda Blvd, Culver City, CA 90230 • (310) 313-6888)


On another note, if you are in Belize, my “Nails Place” is Salon Bella Mani and the expert on fills there is Reina… and toes is Myra. At least that has been my experience. I went there religiously for about 10 years. I’m very loyal aren’t I?

Tony's Nail & Spa


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