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The name Nourish Me Sweetly was born of a space and time that felt like life was doing everything BUT nourishing me sweetly. When the tides changed and things got easier, my appreciation for sweet nourishment grew exponentially, not just for myself but others as well. It’s about holistic wellness – mind, body and soul.

Nourish Me Sweetly promotes self love, self care and sweet nourishment. This inlcudes hiking, meditating and everything in between. 

Hello! I’m jeannie shaw

Nourish Me Sweetly is a gentle reminder to myself and others – be kind, be nice, be sweet. Come from a place of LOVE, the highest vibration.

Life is the epitome of duality – light and dark. I just wanna learn to hold my vibration as steadily as I can and the more I nourish me sweetly and others, the better I feel. I don’t always get it right but at the core of me, I’m always trying.

The better I feel, the better my vibration. That’s all.

On the flip side of writing and sharing my love for sweet nourishment, I’m also an artist. You may see some of my work on my instagram @jeannieshaw.artist or visit


I Am a Creator… painting, writing, content creation.

Single Red Rose

Brazilian Nostalgia

Earth Wind & Fire

Original art and art prints are available.

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