About Me

Blue, I Love You. Outfit Of The Night. OOTN

Blue, I Love You.

Hey you, welcome! 

This is my online portal to share my love of writing. 

This includes pretty much anything I feel compelled to release into the universe through the magnificent power of words. I enjoy sharing my thoughts and experiences on life, my journey to self discovery, products I love, traveling and poetry.

I’m also a visual artist and you can see my work at www.jeannieshaw.com or follow me on Instagram @jeannieshaw.artist.

Life continues to be an amazing journey.

It comes with it many ups and downs that have lead me to evolution and revelation – a constant state of metamorphosis.

In recent years, one of things that struck me most profoundly was how people in our lives can affect us, either positively or negatively. The ability to determine the difference is lead by grace.

I am fascinated by the human experience, be it that of my own or someone else’s. Everyone has a unique and amazing story, one way or another.

This is my space to share mine.