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Blue, I Love You.

Hey you,


This is my online portal to share my love of writing. I enjoy sharing my thoughts and experiences on life, my journey to self discovery, products I love, traveling and poetry. 

Nourish Me Sweetly was born of a space and time when it felt like life was doing everything BUT nourishing me sweetly. When the tides changed and things got easier, my appreciation for sweet nourishment grew exponentially. As often as possible, I want to be sweetly nourished, in every way. I’ve found that one of those ways is to share my creativity as it finds me, be it writing, art, photography or any other way it may find me.

Sometimes when people share their stories with me, I can tap in to what they’re feeling in a way that feels very real to me. I even pick up on things they may not realize in the moment. Life is filled with light and dark and oftentimes, I want to run from all that’s dark but maybe it all leads to this space and stronger yearn for all the people, places and things that truly Nourish Us Sweetly.

Some of my artwork can be found at www.jeannieshaw.com or follow me on Instagram @jeannieshaw.artist.


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